Concept / Creativity / Production / Interactive

Working with Bershka and Sonar Festival we created and produced an activation which melded fashion and electronic music into an fun and engaging experience.
How do you bring Spanish fashion giant Bershka to life as a first time official sponsor of Barcelona’s acclaimed progressive music and multimedia arts festival Sónar?
Showing a unique, immersive experience to epitomise their love for fashion and music to the festival-goers. Showcasing live denim customisation by featured local fashion artists Jarapa Jarapa and Gori de Palma with nearly 200 Bershka exclusive denim pieces to give away. In addition, 2,000 limited edition Sónar gold chains that became the must-have accessory of the festival. Engaging activation with the Superstar DJ Photo Room that saw over 1,300 wannabe DJs hit the decks. Shareable experiences via Bershka’s social media channels as well as printed and as a digital memory. 50% of all participants registered for Bershka’s newsletter and over a third of visitors independently shared their DJ experiences online.