Lay's at Champions League Final Festival

Our team worked closely with Pepsico, Fuse, and Design Group Italia to create and produce the  Lay’s activation and Pepsi’s VIP terrace at the UEFA Champions League Final Festival in the most central square in Madrid – Puerta del Sol.
The Lay’s space reacted to the audience around it amplifying the celebration of football through multiple interactive installations. Everything from a reactive LED exterior screen, a football anthem creating installation through a physical column synthesizer, conductive graffiti walls which would come alive through touch, contributed to a sensory experience where you were the audience was the main player.
Since we were located in the best possible place in the festival, we created a VIP Pepsi terrace above the Lay’s activation from where the lucky guests could enjoy their cocktails and privileged view of the headline concerts.  

Concept / Creativity / Production

_DSC4316 1.jpg